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Holle goat milk formula stage 2 | Bakra Mandi Karachi

Melbourne: Goat’s milk can be beneficial for the stomach and digestive system of newborn babies who have opened their eyes in the world. This is because goat’s milk contains the exact same bacteria and other ingredients called prebiotics as breast milk.
This research has been done at the famous RMIT University in Melbourne, the details of which have been published in the British Journal of Nutrition. In it, experts have reviewed two goat milk formulas that are commonly available in the market. Experts have identified a special type of prebiotic ingredient in it called oligosaccharides. These ingredients nurture the bacteria in the baby’s stomach that protect it from harmful infections and diseases.
Scientists have reported that goat milk (or formula made from it) contains 14 different oligosaccharides, five of which are found in breast milk. Professor Harsham Gill, the head of the scientific team, is the first expert in the world to look at the bad biotics and other ingredients in goat milk.
They have compared it with mother’s milk and said that the ingredients in goat’s milk have the ability to prevent infection and ward off intestinal and stomach diseases in children. But these are laboratory results and have not been tested on children.
No one can deny that breast milk contains oligosaccharides to countless other components that promote optimal growth. These ingredients also protect young children from many diseases, but in case of lack of mother’s milk, this deficiency can be removed by giving goat milk to children.
Experts have suggested that if the mother’s milk is insufficient for the baby, then it should be fed goat’s milk or given commercial formula containing goat’s milk, which can cause diarrhea.

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