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Bakra Mandi Karachi is one of the biggest online marketplaces that sell all kinds of Qurbani animals in Karachi. This platform was set up due to the increased use of the online platform in this pandemic. Here, customers have easy access to purchase bakra and bull for Qurbani at the best affordable prices. We allow our buyers to grab market information while staying in their comfort zone. opens a great opportunity for our customers, where they can buy all Qurbani animals for Haqiqa, Eid-ul-Azha, or any event. On this website, visitor may have a friendly interface that allows them to choose their beloved animal according to their type and pricing. Moreover, we offer different options to our customers, just to ensure the easy process of buying an animal. Currently, our service is only within Karachi but in the future, we tend to expand our services throughout the country. As a Muslim business owner, we purely appreciated providing a guarantee on each of our animals as per Islamic Rules and Regulations.

Customers are most welcome to visit our mandi for taking their animals along with them. All the payment methods and information are on our website; please do contact us on 0307-0265882 for further guidance.  

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